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Do you ever think about having sex with me?

The question came last summer one night as I sat in my living room, bored.

He had been my best friend for 8 years. He knew more about me than anyone has, ever.

He was a very attractive guy and at one point in high school, I had nursed a bit of a crush on him.

Do you ever think about having sex with me?

On a college break one year, while lying in bed and watching a movie, we decided to experiment a little by at least kissing- just to see what it was like. Just to see if it held any potential.

It was a good kiss. But there was no spark. So we returned to the movie.

Do you ever think about having sex with me?

Our relationship was always physical- but in very platonic ways. We hugged, we cuddled, we traded back rubs.

He even harmlessly mentioned fucking a couple times… But I didn’t think he meant it, honestly.

See, he had a girlfriend. And she was pretty. And by “pretty” I mean “put that girl on the cover of any magazine and she would SELL” pretty. And she was sweet. And somehow, she trusted his and my friendship enough to let us hang out alone, all the time.

Because nothing would ever happen.

Do you ever think about having sex with me?

I didn’t, actively. But sometimes I would wake up from a dream where he had been fucking me, would roll over and text him.

Yeah, I sometimes do.

And thus began my first experience with sexting with my un-single best friend.

And when he told me he’d gotten a new phone and had no pictures on it to masturbate to, he began requesting pictures.

So I sent my very first naked pictures.